Retain Express Install (RetainExpressInstall.exe and

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Retain 3.5.1
New Installations Only


I see that there is a new installer program in the Retain installation directory called RetainExpresInstall.exe (Windows) and (Linux).  What does it do?  Should I use it?


The express install is for new installations only.  The main purpose for this express installer was for proof of concept demonstrations, especially for customers/partners interested in testing the Retain modules for Blackberry and for Mobile.

It installs Java, Tomcat, and a pre-configured MySQL 5.6 database.  Unlike the full install, the express installer will actually download MySQL 5.6 community edition for you before installing it.  It also installs the following Retain components:
  • Server
  • 1 Worker
  • Message Router

Note that the Reporting & Monitoring Server is not installed with this express installation.

On Windows, Retain is configured to only work with IIS.

On Linux, it is configured to work with Apache2.2.  As with IIS, installing Apache2.2 is a prerequisite to running the express installation.
The Retain 3.5.1 Express Installer works with Java 6 and sets its own environment variables :RETAIN_JAVA_HOME, RETAIN_JAVA_VERSION and RETAIN_JRE_HOME. Tomcat 7 is installed by the installer and it's environment variable RETAIN_CATALINA_HOME is set.

During installation, the administrator will select the storage folder where he wants archives, index, and SQL data to be stored.

It installs MySQL Community Server 5.6 on default port 3306 (this is the only port that works at the moment) and, therefore, the administrator will have to make sure this port is free if he chooses to install MySQL.  An administrator can also use a previous MySQL Server 5.6 installed on his system as long as it's on port 3306.

The Retain 3.5.1 Express Installer also takes care of database configuration during which it asks the user to set passwords for MySQL root user, MySQL retain user and Retain admin user.

After installation is completed, the following environment variable is set: RETAIN_HOME

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