Retain 3.5.1 Requires Java 6 build 38

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  • 19-Jun-2015
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain 3.5.1 only


I have Java 7 installed on my Windows 2012 server.  When I run the Retain installer, it tells me that I do not have Java 6 installed.  It then forces me to install Java 6.  Why is this?


Retain 3.x requires Java 6 build 38.  To avoid potential incompatibilities or issues with newer versions of Java, the installer forces the Java 6 installation.  Retain 4 will require Java 8 and will manifest the same behavior as the 3.5.1 installer, forcing the installation of Java 8 in order to avoid potential issues for a customer's Retain system.

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