Messages aren't being uploaded from my Android device

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  • 03-Aug-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain Service  Android mobile app
Retain 4.0.3+


How do I troubleshoot messages not being archived from my Android device?


1. Look at your RetainRouter page and see if there is a current last connection time. If your last connection time is current, proceed to step 2.

a. The last connection time will be reset when Tomcat has been restarted. If you restarted Tomcat recently and the last connection time is blank, you will need to allow the allotted time for the Device Transmission Frequency set in your Mobile module.
b. You can force the mobile app to send data to the Router by opening the app, select the more option by tapping on the 3 dots, select Send Data to Router.
c. If your last connection time is still blank, try accessing the RetainRouter URL in a browser on your mobile device. If you are unable to make the connection, then you likely have a network related issue.
d. Look at the logs on the mobile device. Open the mobile app and select the more option by tapping on the 3 dots, select Logs, then Logs again. This may give you more specific reasons of why you aren't able to make the connection to the Router. If you need help reading the log, please contact support.

2. Review the RetainRouter log.

a. The logs should be located in:

  • Linux: /var/log/retain-tomcat7/RetainRouter.YYYY-MM-DD.log
  • Windows: ...\Retain\tomcat 7.0\logs\RetainRouter.YYYY-MM-DD.log

b. If you need help with the log, please contact support.

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