Upgrading the RetainService Android mobile app

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  • 08-Jul-2016
  • 07-Aug-2017


Retain Service  Android mobile app


How do I upgrade the Android mobile app?


Note: Deleting the device from device management should be used as a last resort. Deleting the device will create a new archive for the deleted user.

1. To upgrade the Retain Service Android mobile app:

a. Push the apk to the mobile device. This can be done via MDM, email, or tranferred to the device with a cable. 
b. Run the newly downloaded apk on the device and install over the top of the existing application.

2. If messages aren't being uploaded after updating the app follow this KB, then proceed to the following steps:

a. Delete the app from the device. Warning: if you delete the app from the device, then all messages currently stored on the device which have not been archived will not be captured.
b. Upload the apk to the device again.
c. Go to device administration.
d. Re-send the registration email to the device.

3. If you are still having issues with a device after upgrading the app and following all steps listed above:

a. Delete the app from the device. 
b. Upload the apk to the device again.
c. Go to device administration.
d. Delete the user from device administration.
e. Recreate the user that was deleted and follow the normal registration process.

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