How to Publish Email from Retain 3.x

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  • 22-Nov-2016
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Retain 3.x


I need to export mail from Retain 3.x. How can this be accomplished?


Retain 3.x has a Publisher tool which allows you to export data from Retain and then convert it to a PDF or PST file. Here is a link to the current documentation for the Retain 3.x Publisher

In order to accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Retain Publisher
    1. Download Publisher
      1. Here is the download link for the Retain Publisher:
    2. Install Publisher
      1. Launch the RetainPublisher.exe program and follow the Installation Steps.
  2. Publish Data
    1. In order for data to be published from the Retain Server, users need to be granted the right to Publish Data. When users have that right, they will be able to publish data for any users they have access to. When you feel you are ready to publish data, follow these steps:
    2. Connect to Retain Server
      1. Enter in the URL to the Retain Server. Use the Username and Password of a User that has Publish Rights.
      2. Click Next
    3. Select export location
      1. The Publisher requires a location to export the data to.
        1. Create a directory where Retain will export the data to.
        2. Add that directory to the Publisher by clicking the Green plus button
        3. Select the folder that was added to the Publisher so it is selected
        4. Click Next
    4. Select User
      1. The Publisher can publish and entire Mail Server, Post Office, or select users. By publishing an entire Mail Server or Post Office, it may take a long time and consume a lot of resources.
      2. If publishing a single user, expand the Mail Server, then PO and browse for the User and check the box next to their name.
    5. Custom Query
      1. If desired, custom queries may be used to pusblish selective data from the Retain System.
      2. Click Next
    6. Folder Structure
      1. Select whether to publish All folders or Non-empty folders
        1. All folders will create all the directories in the Published users data, even if they are empty.
        2. Non-empty folders will only create folders that have mail in them
      2. Click Next
    7. Custom Dates
      1. If desired, custom time frames can be used to limit the scope of mail to be published
      2. Click Next
    8. Indexing
      1. The Publisher can also index the data that was recently published. This will make it so the published data can be easily searched. Check the boxes for the indexing options desired.
      2. Click Next
    9. The data will now be copied from the Retain Server to the local workstation. Once the data has been copied, the Indexer will be launched and index the data.
  3. Viewing Data
    1. Open the Retain Viewer
    2. If this is the first time using the Viewer, you will need to browse to the folder that was used for the Publish.
    3. After selecting the directory, you should now be able to view all the mail that was published from the Retain Server.
  4. Export Data
    1. The Viewer has teh ability to export to 2 formats: PDF and PST. In order to export to PST, Outlook must be installed.
    2. PDF Export
      1. Select the message(s) that you want to export to PDF and then click the PDF button on the top toolbar.
        1. While it is possible to export an entire mailbox to PDF, it is not recommended
      2. The export will then be able to be opened by any PDF viewer. Just make sure it supports PDF Portfolios.
    3. PST Export
      1. Select the message(s) that you want to export to PST and then click the PST button on the top toolbar.
        1. Exporting an entire mailbox to PST is a normal operation
      2. The export will then be able to be opened or imported using any PST viewer.

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