Reload Backups Not Starting

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  • 29-Nov-2016
  • 29-Aug-2017




Reload Jobs are not starting

Reload log files are not being trimmed


The Reload CRON daemon is not running. This issue has been seen on a few customer systems. The root cause is not known. It seems this is an issue that came about in one of the latest versions of SLES.

Do the following to remedy this problem:

1. Upgrade to Reload version 510050 or better.

2. Get into Reload Console Administration

a. Get a terminal session to the Reload server

b. Type in the command: reload

3. In Reload Console Administration select System | Advanced | CRON and make sure to set Run Reload CRON Process Twice Each Minute to Enabled

This setting tells the main Reload daemon process to launch the Reload CRON proccess which the Linux operating system is not launching.

Additional Information

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