Printer Driver Profile data missing after iPrint 2.1 patch 3 and 2.0 patch 5

  • 7019027
  • 19-May-2017
  • 23-May-2017


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.1 patch 3
Micro Focus iPrint Appliance 2.0 patch 5


After applying patch 3 for iPrint Appliance 2.1 or patch 5 for iPrint Appliance 2.0, some printer driver profiles no longer exist within the Print Manager database.  The printer driver profile association is still present, but the data is not.  Note:  The mentioned patches were available for only a few days, May 17 and 18 of 2017.

To see the profile problem, go to iManager -> iPrint -> Manager iPrint Printer -> Select the printer -> Drivers.  Look at the "Profile:" attribute.  The profile name will be present.  However, look at the "Available driver profiles for selected driver".  The list will show [None].

Or, attempt to install an iPrint printer which has a profile associated and you will see a message informing you that the profile is missing or corrupt.
Also, when attempting to install that printer, an error message will be shown informing the end user that the profile does not exist.


  1. Install the updated patch (released 23MAY2017).
  2. Copy XML file to /tmp directory
    • The Print Manager creates and maintains back up copies of the database.  Review the XML files within the /var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/ directory.  Determine the most recent XML file which has all the printer profile data. Note, profile data is at the end of the XML file.
    • padbtxt.xml - Most recent XML, likely does not have all the profile data.
    • padbtxt1.xml - 2nd most recent XML, might have all the profile data.
    • padbtxt2.xml - 3rd most recent XML, likely has all the profile data.
      • Syntax:
        • cp /var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/<AppropriateXMLFile> /tmp/padbtxt-import.xml
      • Example:
        • cp /var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/padbtxt1.xml /tmp/padbtxt-import.xml
  3. Import the XML
    • Copy/paste the following string of commands into a terminal session:
      • sed -i 's/driverupdateenabled>1/driverupdateenabled>0/' /tmp/padbtxt-import.xml;rcnovell-ipsmd stop;/opt/novell/iprint/bin/ipsmd -b
    • Wait 30 seconds, then paste the following string of commands into a terminal session:
      • rcnovell-ipsmd stop;/opt/novell/iprint/bin/ipsmd -x /tmp/padbtxt-import.xml -u cn=admin,o=iPrintAppliance;rcnovell-ipsmd start
        • Provide the admin password when prompted and hit ENTER.


There is a bug in the above listed patches which deletes profiles in some cases with some characters being present in the driver name.