How to print from Linux workstation to iPrint server without the iPrint Client for Linux

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  • 17-May-2017
  • 03-Dec-2019


Micro Focus iPrint Appliance
Micro Focus Open Enterprise Server with iPrint


iPrint is configured on the server. The iPrint Client for Linux is not an option.  How do I print to an iPrint printer agent from a Linux machine?


Note: This solution does not apply to SSL enabled iPrint Printers.

Configure a CUPS printer to print to an iPrint printer.
  • From a web browser on the Linux workstation, go to the CUPS Web interface:
    • http://localhost:631
    • You can use any CUPS tool you are comfortable with. For example, YaST, Printing, lpadmin, etc.  This document will focus on the CUPS Web interface.
    • The steps and wording will vary depending on the version of CUPS the Linux workstation is running, but the general steps are:
  • Add Printer
  • Choose Internet Printing Protocol
  • Add the Device URI for the Connection:
    • Syntax:
      • ipp://<iprint server dns or IP/ipp/<iPrintPrinterName>
    • Example:
      • ipp://prntsrvr03/ipp/HPLJ4200Flr4
  • Name the CUPS printer
    • This name can be whatever you want
  • Choose a PPD (driver)

Additional Information

The iPrint Client for Linux has not been tested or developed for several years.  When the iPrint Client for Linux was being tested, it was tested only on SLED.  There is a high probability the iPrint Client for Linux will not be an option in your environment.