Unable to connect to database using the BDI Editor

  • 7019007
  • 17-May-2017
  • 17-May-2017


NetIQ Operations Center 5.7
Data Integrator Editor (BDI Editor)


You have domain authentication working by having copied the ntlmauth.dll file into the java.exe directory used by NOC. The NOC daemon runs as domain account and you are leaving the user and password fields blank when creating a connection to use. When running the Data Integrator Editor locally on the NOC server this works fine but is not working locally on a remote client's desktop.


Ensure that the user logged into the remote client desktop has access to the SQL Server.


The key point here is that the BDI adapter and editor are separate applications and they do not share credentials.

This includes authentication if domain authentication is enabled.  The adapter uses the credentials of the user that started NOC. This could be the service user or the

user logged into the machine. Depends on how NOC is started. The client-editor can only use the credentials of the machine it is running on which

is usually not the server. This means the user on the machine that the client is running on must have access to the database.