Event Manager configuration server does not start automatically when NOC is restarted

  • 7019006
  • 17-May-2017
  • 17-May-2017


NetIQ Operations Center 5.6, 5.7
Event Manager adapter


When the NOC server is restarted the Event Manager adapter starts up automatically (If that option is enabled) but the configuration server does not start automatically.


You will need to add “EveConfigManager” in your NOC Customizer, please follow these steps:
    1) Stop NOC Service

    2) Launch NOC Customizer as Administrator (If NOC is running on Windows)

    3) Under the Daemon page locate the “Automatically Start Servers:” section

    4) Add “EveConfigManager” to the end of the list as shown below
          Image Formula EveConfigManager

    5) Click apply to save the changes

    6) Start NOC Service

When NOC comes online you should now see the Configuration Server start automatically.


The Event Manager Configuration Server does not start automatically. It is necessary to start the Configuration Server manually before defining the configuration and defining components such as hosts, ports, and rulesets.