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  • 16-May-2017
  • 18-May-2017


Platespin Migrate 12.x


When attempting to run a command on the Platespin Migrate WUI the execute command is greyed out and is unable to run the job.


To resolve this you will need to fully remove the workload from both the Platespin WUI and the Platespin Thick Client and the re-add the workload. To do this follow the steps below:

1.    If the job is still running on Platespin you will need to abort it using the SQL query.

2.    Then go to C:\Program Files\Platespin Migrate server\ and open the PlatespinBrowser.exe

3.    Expand Networks -> Default -> Machines.

4.    Find the server in that list and right click and “Undiscover Server”. This will remove it from the client.

5.    If it is still appearing in the WUI, open SQL Management Studio and  expand Databases -> protection -> Tables. Right-click on dbo.Workloads and select Open Table.

6.    Find the Workload that you want to remove using the Where=’’ command and copy its “Id”.

7.    Then run “DELETE FROM Workloads WHERE Id = '%Id copied in step 6'”.

8.    Re-add the workload and run the replication.