Some groups are not imported during LDAP synchronization in the iPrint Appliance

  • 7018908
  • 11-May-2017
  • 11-May-2017


Novell iPrint Appliance 1.x
Micro Focus Appliance 2.x
Micro Focus Appliance 3.x
Active Directory


Some groups imported from eDirectory or Active Directory into the iPrint Appliance did not import.


No known resolution at this time.  The issue has been reported to engineering.


The groups that failed to import had no individual members.  They only contained other groups (known as nested groups).

Additional Information

To work around the issue, create new groups specifying the specific users as opposed to nesting groups and perform the LDAP synchronization again.

In the iPrint Appliance 1.x the feature to synch users from a directory server is known as LDAP Import.
In the iPrint Appliance 2.x the feature is called User Import.
In the iPrint Appliance 3.x the feature is listed under Directory Servers.