ZENworks Appliance 2017 generates CSR with signature algorithm in SHA1 in stead of SHA2

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  • 08-May-2017
  • 15-Dec-2017


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management (Appliance) 2017 Installation - Server


When installing ZENworks Appliance 2017, it offers the possibility to create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) which can then be used in issuing Service Certificates by an external Certificate Authority. This CSR issued in the current ZENworks Appliance 2017 version is based on SHA1 (sha1WithRSAEncryption) signature algorithm in stead of SHA256 (sha256WithRSAEncryption) which is common practice in current IT environments.


This issue has been fixed in ZENworks Appliance 2017 Update 1.

For current ZENworks Appliance 2017 version where the issue appears, an official FTF (field test file) has been made available by Engineering. Please contact Micro Focus Customer Care for the Field Test File.


SHA1 algorithm is used by ZENworks  Appliance2017 to create CSR.

Additional Information

A CSR with SHA256 algorithm format can be created manually with OpenSSL command in a Linux server:

"openssl req -out zenworks.csr -new sha256"