Export configuration using Code Promotion returns an error "Export Configuration Failed"

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  • 04-May-2017
  • 31-May-2017


NetIQ Access Manager 4.3


Admin Console is installed on a stand-alone server. When trying to export a configuration for the IDP or AG, it returns an error message:
"Export Configuration Failed" Followed by "Failed to export keystores and policies. See tomcat log for details."
The Tomcat log shows a "java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused." error. When tracing internally on the AC-server, it shows the address the AC tries to connect to is (localhost).


The "/opt/novell/nam/adminconsole/conf/server.xml" file contains a "<Connector "NIDP_Name=connector" >" element.
This connector contains a parameter 'address' the value of this parameter is the IP-address of the Admin Console server.
There are two possible solutions to this problem.
      1) remove address parameter
      2) extend address parameter like: address=";"

ad1) Removing the 'address' parameter allows the Connector to listen on any IP-address configured in the system,
        which can be a security issue or a clash with another service listening on port 8443 on another NIC of
        the same server.
ad2) Adding the '' will limit the connector to listen on port 8443 for only these two IP-addresses.
        This might be preferential above removing the 'address' parameter.


As the 'address' parameter contains only the assigned IP-address of the server, there is no process listening on and the CP-export fails.

Additional Information

This issue has been reported to Engineering.