Software Change Notice - GWAVA 7 Revision 165 (24 FEB 2017)

  • 7018872
  • 03-May-2017
  • 03-May-2017




  • GWAV-1240 - Message tag docs
  • GWAV-1772 - Update to Cyren AVSDK 5.4.30-r1
  • GWAV-1589 - QMS control service
  • GWAV-1779 - Update to latest ctengine version 8.01.00001
  • Gwav-1775 - From address in QMS is not the same as GWVSMTP
  • GWAV-1780 - Update to CTIPD 4.01.0000.1
  • GWAV-1554 - Add Message Tracker to GWAVA 7
  • GWAV-1793 - Add a log entry suggesting the cause of error when loading domains as being related to an invalid date being provided in the OU expiration date field
  • Add validation check to expiry date input field in Manage Organizations page
  • GWAV-1793 - Modify date to todays date when invalid
  • GWAV-1767 - Fixed wording for message tracker service node
  • The message tracker service was not correctly looking up filter information
  • GWAV-1398 - Rework get_message_data.php for QMS and message tracker to better handle the creation of the JSON tables. This fixes the problem where some characters would break the JSON.

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