Capturing the SSPR Appliance Registration Log

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  • 01-May-2017
  • 01-May-2017


NetIQ Self Service Password Reset Appliance 4.x


Attempting to Register the Self Service Password Reset for online updates with a Registration Code & email address, fails for unknown reasons.   Where can I go to look at a log of the registration process?


Here are the instructions on how to retrieve the log.

Use Putty to To retrieve this log over SSH, as follows:

1. Make sure SSH is enabled in the appliance console.  Login to appliance console at ipaddress/DNSname:9443
Click on "System Services," verify that SSH is listed as "Running."  If not, then highlight SSH and then click "Action" and select "Start."

2. Install Putty on a Windows workstation. 
As of April 11, 2017, Putty can be downloaded from here:

3. Open a cmd window on the workstation. Change to the Putty installation folder:
cd C:\Program Files\PuTTY

4. Copy the file with pscp.exe using the following syntax - modified with your server name/ip address:
pscp c:\temp\suse_register.log

(Note the space between the source file and destination file.)

For more details on using pscp.exe see the following link: