Error 404 when an External user attempts to self-register in Filr

  • 7018847
  • 28-Apr-2017
  • 07-Jun-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3.1.1


After updating from Filr 3.0.0 to Filr 3.1.1, external users are no longer able to self-register using the registration URL provided in the Share e-mail notification. Clicking on the registration URL an 'Error 404 - Page not Found'  error is displayed.


 A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.2 Update.


A direct update from Filr 3.0.0 to Filr 3.1.1 causes this issue. Customers who upgrade from Filr 3.1.0 to Filr 3.1.1 do not experience this problem.


Reported to Engineering