How do I delete the Mongo database used by DRA?

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  • 26-Apr-2017
  • 27-Apr-2017


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.0.x


How do I delete the Mongo database used by DRA?
Can the Mongo database used by DRA be deleted?
What are the steps to completely remove or delete the Mongo database in DRA?


An uncommon troubleshooting step when working with Technical Support may require the deletion of the Mongo database used by DRA.  The Mongo database stores all the "cached" data used by DRA for quicker access of managed objects and attributes.  Though DRA does still use the older DOM files for some cached data, the majority of it now lies within the Mongo database.
To delete the Mongo database, perform the following steps:
  1. Stop the NetIQ DRA Cache Service (this will automatically stop the DRA service) - sometimes you need to try to stop this multiple times if for some reason it doesn't stop the first time. 
  2. Delete all the files in CacheData folder and all the files in the Journal and Logs folders, but DO NOT DELETE the folders themselves.  You will end up with two empty folders - Journal and Logs.
  3. Start the DRA service (this will automatically start the cache service).
  4. DRA will then run FACRs on all managed domains.