PlateSpin Servers Installation For Domain Users

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  • 20-Apr-2017
  • 10-May-2017


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate (Any MS Windows OS)
NetIQ PlateSpin Protect (Any MS Windows OS)


Permission issue, DB access issue, Group policy issues, Installation error sample given below.


Install PlateSpin server first without joining into the domain steps are given below.

--> Take Fresh OS
--> Update all the Windows Patches
--> Apply all the PlateSpin prerequisite.
--> Install SQL from the PlateSpin Installer. (Extract the folder to get the SQL folders)
--> UAC settings we may need to update the registry. (Just disabling from control Panel may not work.)
--> Installation of PlateSpin Server.

--> Installation of PlateSpin Thick Client.

After PlateSpin Server installation and configuration. Do one test server migration. Once its confirmed its working fine. Than start installing Antivirus, Adding to domain, if you need to do some Hardening of server etc.


If the Server added to the domain and install other security application you may get Permission issue, DB access issue, Group policy issue or If any hardening is done which may conflict with the settings or permission.

Additional Information

Note: In case after installation of other applications or hardening you encounter any issue. You can just step back by uninstallation one by one application and see which application affecting job to fail.
For more detail steps refer to below KB or Installation Guide.