Where does DRA's Change History reporting get its data from?

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  • 18-Apr-2017
  • 18-Apr-2017


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 9.0.x


Where does DRA's Change History reporting get its data from?
Where is the data for the change/history reports stored?


The Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) Change/History reporting feature can be launched from within either of the 32-bit ]AT clients (Delegation and Configuration Console [D&C] and Account and Resource Management Console [ARM]) by right-clicking a managed object and selecting 'reporting'.  Any of the options selected thereafter allow you to run an in-GUI report about the changes made to or by the object and its change history - provided it was done within DRA.
The data in each DRA server's change history reporting is stored in the Log Archive on that DRA server. If there is more than one DRA server in the multi-master set (MMS), the client pulls the data from each DRA server's Log Archive.  This data is *NOT* replicated to other DRA servers in the MMS nor is it passed on to the SQL database for reports in the NRC console.
If a server is removed from the MMS gracefully (decommissioned), there will be a prompt to save the Log Archive data or to delete it permanently.  Once it is deleted or the server is removed from the MMS, the information is no longer available in the right-click change history reports.
Additionally, if a DRA server within the MMS is temporarily unavailable for any reason, any change history report run on any of the other DRA servers still online in the MMS will only be able to pull data from the available DRA servers.  So the information in the change history reports may not be completely accurate.  To ensure the accuracy of the data in the change history reports, please ensure that all DRA servers in the MMS are online and available.