Manual creation of AD Service Connection Point (SCP) for a Linux POA

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  • 11-Apr-2017
  • 03-Oct-2018


Novell GroupWise 2014 R2 Support Pack 1
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A Service Connection Point (SCP) in a Active Directory environment is used to locate services.  When a workstation is added to a AD domain,  the GroupWise client will search AD for a SCP created to define a GroupWise POA DNS name and client server port.   This negates the requirement for the user to supply an address and port when the GW client is started for the first time.

Assuming that AD SSO for a Linux POA is working properly, you can use the following steps to create a SCP in Active Directory for one or more of your Linux POA’s

Run ADSI Edit on the AD Domain Controller or other machine where you can connect ADSI edit to the Active Directory domain.

1. When you are connected, go to DC=your,DC=Domain,DC=Controller, then CN=Computers and find the entry for your Linux server where the GroupWise Post Office resides and highlight it.

2. On the right Actions pane, go to More Actions | New | Object

3. Select class of serviceConnectionPoint

4. Enter postofficname.domainname for the cn value, ie,  Provo.Utah

5. Select Finish

6. Right click on the new SCP object (a child of the computer object)  and go to Properties

7. Find the keywords attribute and select Edit

8. Add the following 4 keyword values (one at a time, when completed, it will be sorted alphanumerically)

The above bottom 2 values must be exactly as above.  The GW client looks for these keywords to find a SCP.

9. Set the serviceBindingInformation attribute and enter 1677 (or the client server port for this PostOffice's POA )

10. Set the ServiceClassName attribute to groupwise  (must be exact)

11. Set the serviceDNSName to the hostname of server (must match what the POA's hostname is configure for)

12. Set the serviceDNSNameType to A  (assuming it is an A record in DNS)

13. Apply Changes