How to extract Drivers from HP's ProLiant Smart Array Controller Driver Diskettes .

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  • 04-Apr-2017
  • 03-Aug-2017


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate


HP Enterprise distributes the HPSA drivers in an a gziped disk  image and not in an RPM format for SLES 11 SP3. The instructions state the image must be written to a USB Key. If a USB Key is not available then use the steps in the resolution to extract the hpsa driver so it can be injected into the PlateSpin Boot ISO. 


The disk image may be mounted after it is extracted from the gzip archive then mounted using a loop back device.  Assuming  hpsa-3.4.16-145.sles11sp3.x86_64.dd.gz has been downloaded follow these steps to extract the kernel HPSA driver from the archive:

1. Extract the disk image:

    gzip -d hpsa-3.4.16-145.sles11sp4.x86_64.dd.gz

2.  Mount the disk image using a loop back device (as root):

    mount -o loop hpsa-3.4.16-145.sles11sp4.x86_64.dd /mnt

The hpsa module can then be copied from /mnt/linux/suse/x86_64-sles11/modules.


The disk image is a driver update disk that is designed to be used during the initial installation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.