Added attributes not shown in "list display" in SSPR People search results

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  • 24-Mar-2017
  • 24-Mar-2017


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The values for newly added attributes do not show when using the list view to display people search results.
Attributes added to SSPR not visible
People search shows empty column for new attributes


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1. Use an LDAP Browser to verify that attributes to be added have values. 
2. Open Modules ⇨ Authenticated ⇨ People Search 
Add new attributes to "Search Attributes"
Add new attributes to "Search Result Attributes"
Add new attributes to "Search Detail Attributes"
Add new attributes to "Person Detail Display Labels"

3. Save Changes, go to SSPR people Search

- Search results "tile view" shows the added attributes as expected.
- Search results "list view" shows column titles for the new attributes, but no values are in the columns.  
- New attributes are shown when a user is selected from the list as expected..  

Expectation is that the search results list view should show the values for the added attributes in the appropriate columns.  Bug report has been entered.