Bad Request IPP Error: 0xF0190 HTTP Error: 400

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  • 24-Mar-2017
  • 24-Mar-2017


Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1
Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 3
Apache2 2.2.12-69.1


After updating the server with the Apache2 March 2017 update, one of the following two error messages will be returned when attempting to manage the Print Manager and/or Driver Store within iManager:
Bad Request
IPP Error: 0xF0190
HTTP Error: 400
There was an internal error while communicating to target iPrint server. Check /var/log/apache2/error_log on target iPrint server for more details.


Change the address bound to the Print Manager to a new DNS name which does not have underscore (_) characters.

  1. Create a new DNS record
    • Create a new DNS record with a new DNS name which does not have an underscore in it. Configure the record to resolve to the IP address of the iPrint server.
      • Note: Keep the old DNS record in place for now.
  2. Possibly modify the iprint.ini
    • Decide if you want end users to get prompted with printer re-installs. By following steps 3 and 4, all workstations which have iPrint printers installed will be auto removed and auto re-installed.  The default configuration will cause the end user to see a pop up notifying them of the change in the printer name.  The end user must click OK to progress beyond the pop up. This re-install happens because the address bound to the print manager is part of the printer name.  Printer name changes instigate printer re-installs. If you don't want end users to forced to click the OK message, go to the /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini file and change the InformUserOfUpdates to 0.  No restart is needed for the change to take effect.
  3. Update the ipsmd.conf and idsd.conf
    • /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/ipsmd.conf
    • /etc/opt/novell/iprint/conf/idsd.conf
    • Change all names with underscores to the new DNS name.
  4. Restart the Print Manager and Driver Store
    • rcnovell-ipsmd restart
    • rcnovell-idsd restart
      • After restarting these services, all iPrint printers installed to workstations will be re-installed.  After you are confident all workstations have been updated, delete the old DNS record which has the underscore (or underscores) in the name.


Apache2 March 2017 update (Apache2 version  2.2.12-69.1) contains a fix for CVE-2016-8743. This fix will not allow the Print Manager to be bound to a DNS name with an underscore in it.