Message: "The iPrint client is not installed. Do you want to install it now?" in Mozilla Firefox

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  • 20-Mar-2017
  • 19-Apr-2017


Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 3
Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1
iPrint Appliance 2.1
iPrint Appliance 3.0
iPrint Client version 6.08 


When trying to install a printer from the /ipp page using Mozilla Firefox version 52.x, the following error is returned:

The iPrint client is not installed. Do you want to install it now?


  1. Enable npapi support in Mozilla Firefox 52.x. Follow the steps from this link:
  2. Use a different browser to install the  printers
  3. Use iprntcmd command from a DOS prompt  to install the printers:
    • Syntax:
      • iprntcmd -a ipp://<ip or dns of iPrint server>/ipp/<printer name>
    • Example:
      • iprntcmd -a ipp://
  4. Apply Field Test version of the iprint.js to the server by pasting the following commands at a terminal session of the iPrint server:
    • wget -P /tmp;mv /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/scripts/iprint.js /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/scripts/iprintjs-backup;unzip /tmp/ -d /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/scripts/

Note: The above string of commands downloads a zip file from the Novell outgoing server.  If the ZIP file is not present (files do not stay on this server indefinitely, use the TID Feedback feature to inform the TID author that the ZIP file needs to be uploaded again.

Micro Focus is evaluating this problem.


This issue is only seen with Mozilla Firefox 52.x and it is due to Mozilla removing npapi support for add ons.