Test/Failover job stalls at the "Configuring Operating System" step with recurring attempts for floppy download

  • 7018718
  • 20-Mar-2017
  • 20-Mar-2017


PlateSpin Protect 10.x and above
PlateSpin Forge 3.x and above


- Test Failover and Failover jobs stalls at the "Configuring Operating System" with the following message:

"The configuration service in the target machine does not seem to have started"

- If you connect to the target machine console, it appears to have booted into the OS but a login attempt will give you the following error message:

"There are currently no logon servers available to service the log on request"

- Furthermore, checking the diagnostic logs shows that it continually attempts to do this step:

"Information:1:Attempting floppy download"


Typically, this kind of error can happen when a floppy drive is problematic or if there is a catalyst that causes the floppy drive to be unavailable.


- Try running Test/Failover again. When the error appears, go to the Vcenter server and manually restart the Target VM. This is not expected to be a solution, rather it is a troubleshooting step to be used in identifying whether or not a reboot is required in cases where the floppy is inaccessible
- On the "Failover Settings" and "Test Failover Settings" section of your job configuration, locate "Services States to Change" and modify the start-up modes of your antivirus services by setting it to "Disabled" before running your Test/Failover again
- If the service "Wireless Configuration" is present on the "Services States to Change" section of the "Failover Settings" and "Test Failover Settings" during job configuration, modify its start-up mode to "Disabled" since this service has been found to cause problems with mounting floppy devices


If you are still experiencing the same problem during Test/Failover, you can try the following troubleshooting steps below:

- If your source workload is already discovered in the PlateSpin web console, undiscover it and delete its corresponding target VM
- Re-add the source workload on the PlateSpin web console and prepare job for replication
- Perform first full replication
- Perform incremental replication
- Perform Test/Failover