Replication Fails because of Missing PowerConvertReadyToCopy VMware Snapshot

  • 7018714
  • 16-Mar-2017
  • 20-Mar-2017


NetIQ PlateSpin Forge 4.x, 11.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 9.x, 11.x, 12.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Protect 10.x, 11.x


A replication fails with the error message, ERROR: "Snapshot PowerConvertReadyToCopy not found, cannot revert to it". 


Remove the workload and re-add it. After the first replication completes after re-adding the workload, a normal schedule of incremental replications can resume. 


The VMware snapshot with the name PowerConvertReadyToCopy from the target VM is no longer present, and thus the target VM cannot revert to the PowerConvertReadyToCopy snapshot. 

Additional Information

From within vSphere, locate the target VM. 
Right click on it and go to Snapshot -> Snapshot Manager.
From the Snapshot Manager, it can be confirmed whether or not the PowerConvertReadyToCopy snapshot is present.