Source server stuck at "starting Windows" when upgrading or install BBT driver

  • 7018690
  • 07-Mar-2017
  • 20-Mar-2017


All PlateSpin product running migration or replication using block based transfer


When job install BBT, or manually upgrade BBT driver, source server stuck on "Starting Windows" or BSOD.

This can be caused by two things:

1. snapshot volume mounted to OS, and job trying to install BBT driver on snapshot volume, this can happen on fresh install or upgrade BBT driver

2. Old BBT driver is not removed from Windows registry (even job or you removed old BBT driver using manual tool), and upgrade trying to install new driver on top of it. This only happens when doing BBT upgrade


Since there are two root cause, we have to identify which is the one cause source won't boot, and fix accordingly.

"mountvol" command should let you decide if snapshot volume is the cause or not.

Solution 1: (snapshot volume is the cause)

remove all snapshot on the source using command "diskshadow >> delete shadows all"

Solution 2: (old BBT driver is the cause)

1. run regedit
2. search any reference to "psmon" and "psmonctrl"
3. remove all reference key found in step 2
4. reboot the source
5. remove all bbvt files on each root volume
6. proceed to install new BBT driver or let the job install the driver