How to setup the iPerf Tool

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  • 10-Feb-2017
  • 15-Feb-2017


PlateSpin Migrate 12.2


This article discusses about how to setup iPerf tool on the server.


While it is possible to use a live workload (either Windows or Linux) as the target/iperf server, the following steps provide the environment most similar to what happens at migration/replication time, and is strongly recommended.

Ensure that you are not testing the throughput from the PlateSpin server to either the source
or the target, as this traffic is minimal, and does not represent the traffic that occurs during a migration or replication.

The iPerf tool runs in either server mode or client mode.

The basic usage syntax for iperf server mode is:
    iperf -s -w <win_size>

The basic usage syntax for iperf client mode is:
    iperf -c <server_ip> -w <win_size>

To set up and run iperf on the source:

1.  Mount the LRD ISO by using software or physical media.
2.  Open a command prompt (Windows) or terminal (Linux) and go to the location of the iPerf tool:
            cd <media>/LRDTools/iperf_2.0.X/
3.  As determined by the source operating system, go to the windows or linux subdirectory:
            cd windows  OR cd linux
4.  Run the iPerf tool in client mode. Enter
            iperf -c <target_ip> -w <win_size>

To set up and run iperf on the target:

1.  Boot the target using the LRD.
2.  In the LRD console, use the helper terminal (accessible via Alt-F2) to do the following:
            2a.  Set up networking using option 5.
            2b.  Mount the CD media using option 6.
3.  In the LRD console, switch to the debug terminal (accessible via Alt-F7) to go to the location of      the iPerf tool:
            cd /mnt/cdrom/LRDTools/iperf_2.0.X/linux
4.  Run the iPerf tool in server mode. Enter
            ./iperf -s -w <win_size>