GroupWise Mobility Server Bad Parameter, Internal error when replying from device

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  • 07-Feb-2017
  • 07-Feb-2017


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 Support Pack 1
Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2 Support Pack 1 Hot Patch 1


When replying to a message from a device, a failed message is sent back to the user.  The subject line is Failed to Add Item and the body of the message is Mobility failed to add the following item because: Bad parameter, Internal error.


If you are running GMS 14.2.1 or newer, it may be due to shared folders.  That might even involve another sharing their 'mailbox' folder with you (which was only possible in older GroupWise clients)

You can check if they are shared, and from who by running an mcheck
cd /opt/novell/datasync/tools/mcheck
python mcheck.pyc

Check the user ID getting the bad parameter errors.  Exit mcheck, and view the logs for that user in the logs directory
within the mcheck folder.  Near the bottom you'll find the folder structure. Search for mailbox, and look for another owner of that mailbox.

You will simply need to unshare that folder from the other owners client.

Keep in mind that disabling the sharing in GMS will not fix the issue.  You will also want to make sure that sharing is enabled in GMS to pick up the unshare change made in the client.