How to capture logs for Advanced Authentication

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  • 06-Feb-2017
  • 06-Feb-2017


Advanced Authentication Framework
AAF 5.x
AA 5.x


How do I collect logs for Advanced Authentication Framework?
Enable logging for AAF


AAF server logging
Logging for the AAF server is automatically enabled 
Access logs through the AAF Admin Console at  https://dns_name/admin  
  • Log in as administrative user
  • Select “Logs” in bottom left
  • Select tab for desired log (usually system log)
  • Click Export at bottom of screen
On the "Export" screen
  • Select desired date range to export 
  • When sending log to Customer Care:
  •  include name of user if appropriate
  •  include approximate time of error
AAF Workstation 
Logging for AAF workstations and attached devices can also be configured.  See the online documentation at
Select the section for either the device service or the desired OS (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X)  and go to the "Troubleshooting" section