Filr triggers notification for modified file even though file was not modified

  • 7018563
  • 01-Feb-2017
  • 10-Apr-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3.0
Novell Filr 2.0


In some Filr systems where one or more Net Folders are configured against Windows filesystem, Filr computes that files have been modified which then triggers notifications to users who have subscribed for email notifications. However, the files indicated as modified have not been modified.

When this happens, the appserver.log may contain entries which look as follows:

2016-12-12 12:18:25,745 INFO  [pool-fullsync-thread-1-(1-1481570266926)] [com.novell.teaming.module.folder.impl.PlusFolderModule] - (full-ss)
The file {parentPath=null,name=filr 1.0.1 calculator v2.xlsx,handle=null,lastModified=1397504982000,directory=false,contentLength=80644,aclInherited=false,ownerId=lwegner.novell,ownerIdType=typeless_dn}
in the folder [/Home Workspace/Net Folders/POC docs/Filr]
has the modtime changed but not the size: previous modtime = 1397501382000 (Mon Apr 14 18:49:42 GMT 2014), new modtime = 1397504982000 (Mon Apr 14 19:49:42 GMT 2014)


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 2.0 - Hot Patch 4 for Filr 2.0 and Filr 3.1 Update for Filr 3.0 via the Novell Patch Finder.