MSDTC will not connect on cloned Window servers

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  • 26-Jan-2017
  • 26-Jan-2017


Windows SQL server and Windows environment where the server installs are produced off a image or cloned.


Msdtc will not connect after cloning a machine.

When running DTCTester the following error will appear:

Error: SQLSTATE=24000,Native error=0,msg=[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid cursor state 

 in Firewall Environments.



To Correct this an uninstall and reinstall of MSDTC on the non sql server must be done to foce the creating of a new CID.


Open a command prompt as administrator and run the command

msdtc -uninstall

followed by
msdtc –install


Warning: It does not give any return response when running this command. Run the DTCtester to make sure of connection.


Ensure you enable MSDTC and configure Network DTC Access in the Component Services administrative tool to enable the following minimum required settings:

·        Allow Remote Clients

·        Allow Inbound

·        Allow Outbound

·        Mutual Authentication Required

You must specify the same type of authentication for all Sentinel Agent Manager components in order for Windows servers to communicate with one another.


This is because the CID’s are duplicated regardless of the cloning method. Because of this the two sides of the MSDTC connection will not connect regardless of correct settings.

Additional Information

For more information about configuring DTC security, see the Help for Component Services. For more information about configuring Sentinel Agent Manager to work with firewalls, see Section A.0, Installing and Configuring Sentinel Agent Manager