Azure Migration Job hung at waiting to configure VM.

  • 7018485
  • 12-Jan-2017
  • 20-Mar-2017


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 and above


When  migrating a workload to Azure the job hangs at waiting to configure VM.  At this stage all of the data from the source machine to Azure target instance has been transferred.  The woarkload is booted however it is not able to communicate with the  Migrate server, Target machine is at lock screen (Press Ctrl+Alt+Del).


To resolve this issue you need to attach the problematic VM's disk to an existing/newly created VM, as a data disk. Use regedit to modify the registry file and set the below services to an auto-start service. Now you can create a new VM with this OS disk and you should be able to login.

·       DHCP
·       (BEF)Base Filtering Engine Service
·       (MPSSVC) Component of Windows Firewall


In an Azure VM the IP address either DHCP or Static is defined out side of the VM. So if the user specifies a static IP it is like the VM is requesting a DHCP address.  However any statically assign  IP addresses from DHCP server will be set as a reserved IP address.
The root cause of this issue is that  following services were disabled on the source VM:
·       DHCP
·       (BEF)Base Filtering Engine Service
·       (MPSSVC) Component of Windows Firewall

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