Error The user name or password is not valid returned during change password

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  • 12-Jan-2017
  • 12-Jan-2017


SSPR appliance version v4.0.0.2 b522 r38959
template.ldap = NOVL


After clicking the change password button the user is presented with the message: The user name or password is not valid. Please try again.


Remove settings for AD directory


Although the customer had configured LDAP eDirectory they had enabled some of the AD related settings for change password. These were causing abnormal operation.

Additional Information

When configuring SSPR by setting the template the correct settings for the LDAP directory type are set. Only modify the settings that apply to the LDAP directory type being used.
SSPR debug log showed the following error:
5001 ERROR_WRONGPASSWORD (cannot set password for user, old password is not available)