How to create a Role Based Services and assign to user(s)

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  • 09-Jan-2017
  • 09-Jan-2017


NetIQ iManager 2.7.7


How to create and configure Role Based Services (RBS)
How to assign RBS to users, groups, containers


  1. Create a Role-Based Service (RBS):
    Note: For further information, please refer to Configuring Role-Based Services.
    • Navigate to RBS Configuration:
      • Login to iManager as admin
      • Select Configure icon at the top of the window
      • Select Role Based Services | Select RBS Configuration
    • Create a new RBS:
      • Select New | Select Collection
      • Enter the Name of the Role Bases Services
      • Browse or locate the container to store this RBS object
      • Select OK| Select OK on Create Collection Complete page
  2. Install the modules needed for this RBS:
    • Select the number-hyper-link from the Not-Installed column for this RBS object.
    • Select the Modules and Select Install | Select OK | Select OK on Complete page | Select Close
  3. Assign RBS Role Membership. There are two general approaches:
    • (optional) Assign Collection Owners who will have unrestricted or complete access to all the roles and tasks of the installed module:
      • Select the Role-Based Service checkbox, Select Actions | Select Owners | Browse and add the user(s) | select OK.
    • (optional) To create restricted RBS Roles and assign members, please refer to Defining RBS Roles.
  4. To verify the newly created RBS is working properly, please select Exit from iManager. Login as the user(s) who are assigned to RBS. User(s) should login with the assigned roles.