Service Desk Appliance traceroute missing

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  • 04-Jan-2017
  • 12-Apr-2019


Novell Service Desk 7.3 Appliance
Service Desk 7.4 Appliance
Service Desk 7.5 Appliance


traceroute utility missing from latest v7.3 (Redwood II) Appliance build.


Workaround is to install the rpm as follows;
1. cd /tmp/
2. wget
3. rpm -ivh traceroute-2.0.19-1.17.x86_64.rpm

Upgrade to ZSD v8.0 or higher


Previous version of the appliance which is SLES 11 based, traceroute was part of net-tools rpm.
SLES 12 forward traceroute is removed from net-tools and made as independent rpm.

Additional Information

ZSD V8.0 release has traceroute command available.