How to launch Sentinel's 8.x Main webUI instead of the Threat Response Dashboard webUI

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  • 20-Dec-2016
  • 27-Sep-2017


NetIQ Sentinel 8.0 Sentinel Server Web Interface


Customer would like Sentinel 8.x Main webUI to launch when using "https://x.x.x.x:8443, instead of launching the Threat Response Dashboard webUI.


**NOTE**  Verify that the owner and permissions of the file do not change after modifying the /index.jsp file.
This is a Workaround and not a capability built-into the product.  After every upgrade, you will need to redo these steps:
1.  Go to /var/opt/novell/sentinel/3rdparty/jetty/webapps/ROOT.
2.  Modify /index.jsp file.
3.  Change 2 occurrences of "/app"  to  "/Sentinel?"\
     ie:  Change    <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=/app"?>
           To:         <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=/sentinel?>
      ie:  Change    <a href="/app?}"><fmt:message key="sentinel"/> </a><fmt:message key="webpage"/>
           To:          <a href="/sentinel?}"><fmt:message key="sentinel"/> </a><fmt:message key="webpage"/>
4.  Save /index.jsp file.

5.  Launch https://x.x.x.x:8443


When launching Sentinel 8.x webUI, using the "https://x.x.x.x:8443" address, the Threat Response Dashboard launches instead of the Main Sentinel webUI.