GroupWise Mobility Web Admin console is blank after updating SLES12 SP

  • 7018396
  • 16-Dec-2016
  • 10-Jul-2019


GroupWise Mobility Service 18
GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


  • Applying a Service Pack to any version of SLES12 (e.g.  SLES12 to SLES12 SP1 or SLES12 SP2 to SLES12 SP3) running any version of GMS (e.g.  GMS 14.2.2 or GMS 18.0.0) breaks GMS Dashboard
    • e.g.  After upgrading from SLES12 with GMS 14.2.1-237 to SLES12 SP2 with GMS 14.2.1-270 the dashboard was no longer working
    • e.g.  After applying SLES12 SP3 to SLES12 SP2 with GMS 18.0.1-280 the dashboard displayed but remained unpopulated (no graphics/counters)
  • GMS Dashboard is blank or empty
  • Clicking anywhere in admin console freezes


A script has been provided for download, that contains instructions on its use to fix this issue.  See

After script has been run, reboot the server.

A future version of Mobility will have this issue fixed out of the box.

Additional Information

Script readme still refers to only GMS14 and only SLES12 FCS to SP1 or SP2.  This is scheduled to be updated.