'ndsconfig new' results in segmentation fault on RHES 7.2 and SLES 12 SP2

  • 7018366
  • 06-Dec-2016
  • 05-Sep-2017


NetIQ eDirectory 9.0.2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Support Pack 2
Red Hat RHES 7.2


An eDirectory installation is being attempted on a SLES12 SP2 server.  Whenever ndsconfig is run to install the server into the tree a segmentation fault occurs.

labserver11:/tmp/902/eDirectory/setup  #  ndsconfig new
Segmentation fault  (core dumped)

This appears to only happen on the latest Intel E7v3 processors and is not seen on E3 or E5 processors or E7 processors that do not have TSX enabled in their microcode.


This bug has been fixed with NICI 3.0.2 of eDirectory 9.0.3. If an immediate update is not possible, the following workaround avoids the crash:

  1. Open /etc/ld.so.conf in an editor.
  2. Add the following as the first line:
  3. Run ldconfig
  4. Save the file and re-run ndsconfig.  The utility should run normally.


HLE, being part of the TSX processor feature set, is a functionality of certain Intel processors that attempts to deal with thread lock contention at the hardware level. The new locking implementation terminates a program that is using unsafe unlock operations, such as unlocking a mutex that has already been unlocked.

NICI has been modified on 3.0.2 to perform this function correctly.