rcgms not working on SLES 12

  • 7018349
  • 02-Dec-2016
  • 08-Feb-2017


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2014 R2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12


rcgms {start|stop|restart} commands not working.
Unable to start gms services after stopping.
rcgms restart causes services to stay down.


Reported to engineering.

Workaround steps:
  1. Stop all services 
    rcgms stop; killall -9 python
  2. Verify that the services have been stopped
    rcgms status (should indicate that services are in a 'stopped' state)
  3. Clear any remaining PID files
    rcgms stop
  4. Start services
    rcgms start
  5. Verify services are running
    rcgms status


Reported to Engineering

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