Print Manager iManager status shows Down, though ipsmd is running

  • 7018335
  • 30-Nov-2016
  • 19-Jan-2018


Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 3
Open Enterprise Server 2015 Support Pack 1


iManager shows printer manager down
Accessing /ipp shows a 502 error
No print jobs are being accepted


Fix is included in the OES October 2017 Maintenance patch for OES11SP3 and OES2015SP1.

Workaround: Type the following commands at a terminal session:
rcnovell-ipsmd restart; rcapache2 restart
Note: These commands must be run consecutively, as show above. Notice the space after the semicolon and before rcapache2.

If executing this combined command does not fix the issue, try to restart ndsd before running the combined command, as follows.
 Note: By restarting eDirectory, any currently-connected users will be disconnected!

rcndsd restart
rcnovell-ipsmd restart; rcapache2 restart


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Additional Information

When ipsmd auto-restarts or when manually restarted with the rcnovell-ipsmd restart command, ipsmd loads fine, with no errors in the ipsmd.log file, but the communication with Apache is not restored.  This results in the /ipp and /PmsStatus pages returning the 502 error, print jobs not being accepted accepted, and the "status" attribute on the Print Manager eDir object is not getting updated.