Kerberos Fallback bad rendering of the kerberos login - fallback method

  • 7018299
  • 22-Nov-2016
  • 14-Sep-2017


NetIQ Access Manager 4.2
NetIQ Access Manager 4.3
NetIQ Access Manager Appliance
NetIQ Access Gateway Appliance


Since upgrade to 4.2 and 4.3 the rendering of the default kerberos fallback page is missing the login button and branding.


You can work around the issue with the below steps:
On the IDP server, copy /opt/novell/nids/lib/webapps/jsp/login_legacy.jsp to /opt/novell/nids/lib/webapps/jsp/login_krb.jsp
Add the below two Properties to your defined Kerberos method:   

- MainJSP  true 
- JSP  login_krb

This still results in a non branded page but with the login button.
Should be fixed with latest versions of Access Manager.