"Locale" screen displayed after hitting "enter" in People Search

  • 7018298
  • 21-Nov-2016
  • 13-Oct-2017


Internet Explorer 11


"Locale" screen (list of flags/languages) is shown if user hits enter in People Search when using Internet Explorer.  This does not happen with SSPR  It also doesn't happen with other browsers either (Edge, Firefox, Chrome).


SSPR Engineering has been notified and is working on a resolution.

The suggested workarounds are:
  1. Don't hit Enter. The search bar does have an "active" feature, where it will do the search as you type, and therefore doesn't require you to hit Enter.
  2. Use a different browser for the time being.
  3. Close the locale prompt. Just remember that hitting "Enter" again will make it reappear.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Launch IE 11.
  2. Open People search module in SSPR
  3. Type something in the search box.
  4. Hit "enter."
The locale page will appear.