Installing iMgr3.02 a second time on Linux breaks login

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  • 18-Nov-2016
  • 22-Nov-2016


NetIQ iManager 3.0.2


Cannot login to iManager.  Installing iManager 3.0.2 a second time breaks iManager on Linux server. 

The login screen is presented but results in the following after credentials are entered:

Unable to create AdminNamespace.
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: novell/jclient/JCException

In the debug.html the following is seen:

DirAuthenticator...1191     Login Failure.  Invalid Username or Password.
NPSClassLoader    ----- NPSClassLoader Failed to Load: com.novell.emframe.version
Session has been logged out.


This has been reported to Engineering. 

A class file fails to get copied when the iManager installation is run a second time.  Manually copying the class file and restarting Tomcat resolves the issue. 

1. Navigate to:  “<iManager extracted location>/iManager/installs/linux/packages/supportpack”

2. Unzip the available .npm file by running the following command:
  “unzip iman302_patch0.npm”

3. The file jclient.jar file can be found at the following location:  “<iManager extracted location>   

4. Copy the jclient.jar to the following location-

5. Restart Tomcat.