What is the purpose of HotFix20140720 for Security Manager 6.5.4?

  • 7018292
  • 18-Nov-2016
  • 18-Nov-2016


NetIQ Security Manager 6.5.4


 This Hotfix upgrades the version of the agent to and also disables a vulnerability that exists in the Security Manager due to improper bounds checking on method input.


This hotfix addresses the following issue:

Issue: The hotfix 20140606 does not display the correct version of the Agent. (BUG 887270)

Fix: Hotfix 20140720 displays the correct version of the Agent (

WARNING: You must install this hotfix on the central computer, as well as all agent computers. Apply the hotfix on the central computer first and then push it to all the managed agents. Use the MAI hotfix installer to manually update unmanaged agents.

This hotfix also includes resolved issues from hotfix 7010344 and 20140606.