how do I enter an SCM license?

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  • 16-Nov-2016
  • 16-Nov-2016


NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager 6.x


How do I enter the license for SCM?


To add license keys:

Open the Core Services Configuration Utility.

Click the License Keys tab.

In the Secure Configuration Manager License Key field paste the license key string. The license key will look similar to the following string: 7F4F325F40697B652828432A45473631306232353A4731342D323137

Restart the NetIQ Core Services service.


Secure Configuration Manager requires a license key that defines how many computers or endpoints
you can manage with this product. You can install the license key during installation of the product
or you can add the license key later using the Core Services Configuration Utility. For more
information, see the Help for the Core Services Configuration Utility.