Sentinel upgrade fails with message "FATAL: password authentication failed for user "dbauser"" and "The database schema upgrade failed."

  • 7018263
  • 11-Nov-2016
  • 25-Sep-2017


NetIQ Sentinel Server 7.x


When attempting to upgrade the Sentinel server, the upgrade fails and reports the following error in the /var/opt/novell/sentinel/log/install.log:

The installed PostgreSQL Version is 9_4
The installed Sentinel version is 7_4_0_0
Backing up of the configuration data before the upgrade has not been enabled.
The operating systems SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 is supported.
Sentinel database update
Beginning the database update.
Config File /opt/novell/sentinel/setup/db_update/cfg/postgresql/db_patch_matrix.xml
Initializing DB connection...
Connecting to SIEM on localhost (port 5432) as dbauser, server set to postgresql
Error: Failed to get current database version: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "dbauser" - SQLState : 28P01 - ErrorCode : 0
Error: null
The database schema upgrade failed.
Log files are found in /var/opt/novell/sentinel/log/db_migration. 
Sentinel database update was halted.


Modify the /etc/hosts file to ensure that the loopback address is specified.

1. Navigate to the /etc directory and make a backup of the hosts file

2. Edit the hosts file and if the loopback address is commented, then uncomment it by removing the # and save the file.

E.g. localhost 

3. If the loopback address is not in the hosts file, add it to the beginning of the file but at the end of the initial comments section, as in the following example:

# hosts         This file describes a number of hostname-to-address
#               mappings for the TCP/IP subsystem.  It is mostly
#               used at boot time, when no name servers are running.
#               On small systems, this file can be used instead of a
#               "named" name server.
# Syntax:
# IP-Address  Full-Qualified-Hostname  Short-Hostname
#       localhost

4. Save the hosts file

5. Reboot the server.

6. Upgrade Sentinel.


The loopback address is either not specified or commented in the /etc/hosts file.