Basic SSO connectors fail after upgrading Chrome browser plugin

  • 7018260
  • 10-Nov-2016
  • 22-Nov-2016


NetIQ Cloud Access 2.3
Basic SSO connectors enabled
Chrome browser plugin installed


CloudAccess (version 2.3.1-15) installed and working well. Users can access some SAML and BasicSSO connectors without issues, after successfully logging into CloudAccess. Most users accessing the CloudAccess environment using Chromebooks. After some time working well, users start complaining that the basic SSO connectors do not SSO the user automatically anymore, but ask for credentials when accessing the basicSSO applications.

Turns out that the users that fail when accessing these basicSSO connectors had their NetIQ basicSSO Chrome plugin automatically updated to 2.0.2.


Upgrade to CloudAccess 2.3 patch 4.