ORA-12571 : TNS packet Writer Failure

  • 7018259
  • 09-Nov-2016
  • 09-Nov-2016


NetIQ Privileged Account Manager
Oracle Database Server
Some supported database client like SQL Developer Client, SQL Plus Client, DbVisualizer Client, Toad Client


Oracle Database Monitoring, unable to connect through Oracle database connector
While attempting to connect through some DB client to PAM's database connector for an Oracle database, the following error is displayed:
ORA-12571 : TNS packet Writer Failure
(conditional) Able to connect directly to the database without PAM


This is an error provided by the Oracle Client used to indicate that there was a sudden failure to send a packet during communication with the server. This is typically caused by some software or hardware interfering with the connection (either by design or by error). For example, a firewall or anti-malware application could be blocking the traffic or there could be some network disruption.

Please choose from the following to verify network communication between the Oracle Client workstation and the destination database connection (Manager):
Note: For more details about database connectors, please refer to Managing Database Connectors.
  • telnet <Manager's DNS Address / IP Address> <database connector port>
  • netcat -zv <Manager's DNS Address / IP Address> <database connector port>
  • Use PuTTY to establish a telnet connection from the workstation to the manager server


An error occurred during data send.

Additional Information

For additional information from Oracle, please refer to ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure.